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"No government can please all the governed all the time. Name one government on the planet whose people ARE "happy" with their govmnt.?"


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  1. parochial school gra

    As good as can be in the political climate we have. The government is it's own or our worst enemy. A perfect example was the ethanol subsidies for corn ethanol which forced farmers to plant all the corn they could while NRCS soil conservation people were trying to stop soil erosion by having more cover crops and grass. Then the subsidies were cut , corn price plummeted and now the Farmers are crying about going broke. The sad part of it all is that the Government with short sighted policies keep the country in turmoil.

  2. Brian B

    I am happy with some parts of the government, and unsatisfied with other parts of the government.

    I am a New Yorker, a real big city liberal. I think the FDNY and Emergency Services of NY tend to do a fantastic job. I am not as satisfied with the behavior of the NYPD on the other hand. I am satisfied with the post office in so far as it is economical, but my state Republicans cut service hours so I can only visit during business hours (when I am at the office) or on the weekends. I think most of our government services need to be modernized, which would involve an increase in spending temporarily in order to make the government more efficient.

    I am disappointed with the EPA for a lack of aggression. I am disappointed with the FDA for lacking transparency. I am conflicted about the NSA in a comprehensive sense. I am aghast at Congress and its failure to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. I am generally ok with our military's behavior overall, although I think military court judges need to get more serious about sexual assaults in the military, and I think they are overly wasteful.

    I am dissatisfied with our current tax structure, has too many loop holes and incentives, and instead think we do need to simplify it to a clearly structured tax.

  3. Chris Burden

    The government is comprised of different people with different policies and so on. One more than likely is not the sum of all and would not accurately represent the whole.

  4. James

    " The scariest words in the English language are, ' Hello, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help..'"

  5. Skyseeker1

    No government can please all the governed all the time. Name one government on the planet whose people ARE "happy" with their govmnt.?

  6. John


  7. Spock (rhp)

    they're a failure. and HiLiarY will be more of the same

  8. Kchess07

    They're great, if you're a Muslim.

  9. beaver

    Yes, I believe excellent job for the abuse they take....

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