1. Jeff
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    they ignore ALL Of that - about the KKK, too, and the WBC, and all of the other filthy groups they financially support. They never like to admit it.

    And then, you have the Pedophile Catholic Cult - they send it hundreds of millions of dollars every year, and it has raped tens of thousands of children...

  2. L

    Because the LRA isn't inspiring, advocating, or supporting attacks against the US, UK, France, Germany, etc. ISIS is. ISIS trying to attack my country means I do have something to do with it. I do have a dog in that fight.

    Imagine if you were telling me all the deaths that car accidents were causing in America, and then I responded with..."Hey, what about malaria! Malaria is a big problem in Angola!"

    Wouldn't you get annoyed?

    The LRA might as well be on the moon for all it effects me.

  3. ✞ 2 ...hunter

    I'd say the main difference is Christians are against the KKK, the WBC and the LRA.

    The KKK and WBC aren't Christian btw, the KKK were founded by Democrats and the WBC uses the name Baptist despite protest from the real Baptists.

    The LRA is considered a cult, your link even says that.

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