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Jeffrey, I believe you. I too think it will be Trump, but we all know that the establishment wants Hillary in there, BAD. I think bad enough to come up with some reason to suspend the constitution over it.

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  1. Weasel McWeasel

    There is no reason to declare Martial Law, or suspend the election. It will be very clear cut and dry.

    Hillary or Trump. One will win and will be the next president. It's that simple.

    and it won't be Trump.

  2. joensfca

    Not a chance, just a foolish conspiracy theory. Right up there with Breitbart, Alex Jones and alien reptiles infiltrating the government.

  3. chloe

    No. I think Clinton will win and Trump will be in court for a long time.

  4. Lou C. Ferr

    Let's just say that if it does then the Conspiracy Theorists will be right...again.

    Question is, will the Liberal a holes and the Dem sheeple apologize to them?

    Probably not.

  5. harpertara

    Nope, not going to happen. We have had heated elections before, but it never ends in that sort of violence.

  6. Jeffrey

    No, it's going to be Trump in a landslide.

  7. human animal

    no don't be dumb

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