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@Phil - and I'm guessing you don't either Phil

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  1. Follow The Money Tra

    It is in the neighborhood of 15%.

  2. zman492

    The Clinton Foundation spends most of the money it takes in on programs run by the foundation instead of grants, portraits, autographed football helmets or political contributions.

    The IRS has not found any irregularities in the Clinton Foundation, unlike the Trump Foundation which has been fined by the IRS for an illegal campaign contribution.

    No member of the Clinton family receives any cash from the Clinton Foundation. Instead members of the Clinton family have donated millions of dollars to it.

  3. Rob

    Less than 15% on average

  4. Myrtle

    Just go look it up, it is public knowledge, so are their taxes....unlike Trump or his "charity" which gave money to politicians to bribe them....he even got caught and had to pay fine.

  5. Phil

    You dont know how charities work.

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