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My best friend had her baby at 19, we're 22 now and she recently decided to move across country and try living out where I am for a while to see if she likes it to get away from the crazy lifestyle that's prominent where we're from. I have no children and what was supposed to be a fun experience living...

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  1. RP

    You're not heading in different directions; you're already there. It seems to be a mistake for the two of you to be together. With what you've learned so far, there is also a major question about whether your friendship can endure.

  2. Misty

    If she had been tending to her motherly duties your walls wouldn't be written on and your carpet wouldn't be pulled up.

    I'd tell her this isn't working out and she needs to find another place in which to tend to her motherly duties.

  3. Marie K

    Offer to put her up in a hotel SHORT TERM and she can decide if she wants to stay longer. Explain you do not feel your home is sufficiently "child proof" and the "issues" are more than you had counted on.

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