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Should I still count calories if I am going vegan?

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  1. Louis
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    its a good idea for almost all new vegans to not only count calories but to have an app or use a website that tracks things like protein, vitamins and minerals. After a few weeks of making sure you are getting good nutrition and forming new healthy habits you may not have to bother anymore.

  2. Daisy

    Probably. Veggies and grains are generally low calorie. You will need to eat a lot more of them to get the calories you need to stay healthy than you're used to eating.

    I'd suggest putting what you eat into cron o meter or myfitnesspal at least for a while to be sure you're eating enough....and getting the nutrients you need.

  3. Jane

    Do you mean that you are watching your weight, or wanting to lose weight?

    Of course you should watch the fat and sugar in your food, and make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. I have met vegans who seem to live on baked beans, fries and ready meals. I'm sure this isn't you!
    If you're new to veganism, educate yourself about this way of eating, get good at cooking from scratch,find good places to shop, and don't assume it will automatically mean weight loss.

  4. mermaid

    No, calorie counting just makes you obsessed about weighing food. It is time consuming and takes away the enjoyment of eating food. If you know what foods to avoid, fatty, processed and sugary foods and eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, beans, rice and cereal and are active then you should remain an healthy weight.

  5. Banner#18 Beantown

    Depends on your goal, if you are an athlete, yes. As an athlete, counting your macros (calories) is very important for optimal performance.

    If you are an average Joe and don't care about being fat, then don't.

  6. bαbe

    yes, so you know that you're not under-eating because it's very easy to do that on a vegan diet

  7. Anonymous

    if you are into that sort of thing.

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